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While many states have legalized recreational marijuana use, Georgia has not. Possessing any amount of marijuana is considered a crime that can result in young adults and teenagers facing a permanent criminal record, jail time, and other potential consequences.

Fortunately, there is help available to you from a team of trusted drug defense attorneys who want to see you have every opportunity to achieve your full potential free from the judgment that can come with criminal convictions. The Teen & Young Adult Defense Firm provides proactive representation that focuses on protecting the future opportunities of young people like you and can eliminate or minimize the long-term impact that a criminal case has on you and your family’s lives. Reach out to our Woodstock marijuana possession lawyers today to discuss whether working together makes sense for everyone’s needs.

Marijuana Possession Charges

Marijuana possession is a misdemeanor if you are caught with less than one ounce. A felony marijuana possession involves one ounce or more on or near one’s person. Additional charges include Possession with Intent to Distribute. Under the  Official Code of Georgia Annotated § 16-13-30(b), which a Georgia law enforcement officer can charge simply because someone has a scale or other things, implying they intended to distribute marijuana, even if they did not.

Juvenile Court vs. Adult Court

Teens who are 16 years old or younger will generally have their misdemeanor charges adjudicated in juvenile court. Judges in these circumstances typically focus on rehabilitative efforts, including community service, counseling, probation, drug testing and curfews. However, teens who are charged with felony possession of marijuana may face those same punishments as well as time in a Youth Detention Center. Additionally, involvement in the juvenile justice system can impact a young person’s view of themselves and their futures and may influence their behaviors and decisions moving forward.

Young adults who are 17 and older will have their cases heard in adult court. A conviction for marijuana possession could lead to jail time and a permanent criminal record in addition to potentially damaging effects on their future, such as the loss of scholarships, limitations on career potential, and the ability to find housing. It is important to note that young adults facing marijuana possession charges in Woodstock or other areas of Georgia should not just go to any criminal attorney for their case. These charges are serious and require legal representation with knowledge of not only drug-related defenses as well as familiarity with the nuances of the Juvenile Court system for those 16 and under and the adult system for those 17 and older.

Determining the Best Defense for Marijuana Possession

Without proactive representation that focuses on protecting an individual’s future, they are at an increased risk for a criminal record and the future problems it can bring to their life. While some aspects of a marijuana possession case are handled differently between the adult and juvenile court systems, our strategy for building a defense in either scenario is similar. Our experienced Woodstock marijuana possession attorneys help young adults, teenagers, and their families explore their options for moving forward and do all that we can to make sure a single situation does not limit their future.

During an initial Defense Strategy Meeting, we will learn more about your concerns and clarify your legal options so that you can choose the best plan for your circumstances and your family’s needs. This could either mean mitigating potential penalties, fighting against accusations of criminal actions, or combining both approaches.

Speak To a Woodstock Marijuana Possession Attorney for Guidance

When you are accused of marijuana possession, the events that follow have the potential to derail your future. At the Ghanouni Teen & Young Adult Defense Firm, our team understands that teenagers and young adults make mistakes and want to help you get your lives back on track.

Call today to schedule a consultation with a Woodstock marijuana possession lawyer. If, after speaking with us, it makes sense to work together, our trusted team will serve as guides who provide you with clarity about the process, what you can be doing to improve your situation, and your options to reduce the uncertainty and anxiety you may be experiencing.

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