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“We were the most prepared people in the court. It amazed me how unprepared a lot of the attorneys and clients were. We felt that we were on solid ground.

-Michael P.

“Some may say Paul is over diligent, but when certain things are on the line, that’s exactly what you want.”

-Scott Tillman
Star Star Star Star Star

“These guys do an amazing job. They asked me what I wanted to get out of my case and got something better than I imagined. If you have any issue they are the ones to call. From his assistants all the way up they will take care of you.”

-Ethan Walter – Google Review from August 2017
Star Star Star Star Star

“I don’t think anyone is really prepared for the day that their child is in trouble with the law, and is in need of an attorney. Our legal system isn’t exactly “user friendly” and it’s easy to be overwhelmed. I am so grateful to have found Paul Ghanouni and his firm. He saw us very soon after the incident, listened to us, and explained clearly what we could expect. He told us what the total fee would be in advance. In short, he removed the “fear of the unknown” from the entire process. Their approach is proactive and they presented us with a plan for court that would maximize our opportunity to reach a positive result in our case. There were several court appearances required, and they met us in advance each time to prepare us for court. They always answered my calls and emails the same or the next day. When we went to court, it was obvious that many of the other defendants and attorneys were unprepared. Sometimes it looked like the attorney was meeting the defendant for the first time. Our attorney was always on time and prepared, as was my child, thanks to them. All of these factors led to a great outcome in our case. I could not recommend Paul and his firm more highly.”

-Michael Payne – Google Review from July 2017
Star Star Star Star Star

“We had a great experience here when we needed representation for our teenage son. They gave us specific information about what was happening with the case as well as communicating what was needed from us. Everyone here was extremely nice and they truly cared about our son and the outcome of the case. I highly recommend them.

-Kristin Braddy – Google Review from April 2017
Star Star Star Star Star

“Great people really feel cared about and like family, they went above and beyond and achieved better than my best case scenario

-Stewart – Avvo Review from April 2017
Star Star Star Star Star

“They were very helpful and informative with our situation. They were able to achieve the results that we were praying for. With their help our family was able to achieve the goals of graduation for our child with nothing hanging over their head for years. We would recommend this firm to any parent of a teen or young adult. Superior staff that went above and beyond to make our situation so much easier.

-Susan Harris – Google Review from March 2017
Star Star Star Star Star

“I was referred to Mr. Ghanouni by another lawyer who could not take my case, but spoke very highly of him. He immediately within days of meeting with me things had already started going and a lot more quickly than I ever expected, due to previous lawyer experiences. The case in which I hired him for to begin with was completely through the court and a done deal within just over a month of hiring him. Unfortunately, I do have other legal matters to take care of, but, I am confident more now than ever with the outcome, versus another lawyer whom is never reachable.”

-State & Local Law Client, State, Local And Municipal Law Matter
Star Star Star Star Star

“Paul has helped us twice over the past three years. Once was a school tribunal issue in 2010 and in 2013 he represented our teenage son on a traffic violation. In both instances we thought Paul did an outstanding job to minimize the outcomes. He was always responsive and available as we had questions in both situations. We highly recommend him.”

-Jim G.
Star Star Star Star Star

“Paul, I want to thank you for your dedication and hard work you put into helping Melissa & I getting our family back together. It really means a lot to us that we had someone as yourself in our corner. Again, thanks and may God bless you and your family.”

-Cooper M.
Star Star Star Star Star

“Over the course of a year, Paul helped us through a number of issues for our teenage son. Our family appreciated the excellent services Paul provided, guiding us through the procedures and options for each case and for the one case where a trial could not be avoided, Paul achieved a not guilty result on all 4 counts.”

-A Google User

“Paul was very up front, supportive, listened to my concerns. Most of all, he always kept me up to date. He Negotiated well, and my case prevailed. Great Job!”

-A Google User

“Paul was the best thing to ever happen to me and my family, he turned a horrible situation into the best out come I could have ever imagined. I would most definitely recommend him to any that needs a voice when it feels as though your has been taken. Thank you so much Paul you are the best at what you do and God bless you.”

-Tiffany C.

“I am very happy with the smooth and victorious outcome of my case as Attorney Paul Ghanouni ensured it to happen in an expedite, uncomplicated manner – I’ve spent a total of 2 hours in court appearance – my deep gratitude to him and staff, never taking anything for granted, while impressively carrying the respect and recognition of all courthouse personnel, and mine, unequivocally!! Thank you!!”

-M.C., Charged with Possession of Marijuana

“Everything was explained clearly, upfront and honestly throughout the situation.”

Star Star Star Star Star

“Mr. Ghanouni explained the legal process, possible outcomes, and answered my questions. He responded promptly to my phone calls and emails. His communication with the authorities resulted in no charges being filed.”

-A Google User

“I always felt like you knew every detail. You were prepared for everything.”

-J.F., DUI, and Failure to Maintain Lane

“We would recommend you, because you took a proactive approach. After calling 5 or 6 attorneys, you were the only ones that made us feel like we could prevent the situation from moving forward.”


“At first I felt shaky, and as it progressed I felt very comfortable. You kept me updated, and that made me feel like I knew what was going on.”


“After working personally with Paul as my attorney I would and have recommended his expertise to others. He shows the courtesy and the personable attitude expected from a legal professional.”

-Eric Griffin

“Paul is an exceptional attorney! During our first meeting Paul outlined the options available, keep us informed throughout the course of action until the successful case resolution. Not only did he successfully negotiate our son’s case, but he made himself available to answer any questions on a timely basis. His office customer service is next to none – a welcome surprise in this day and age. 

We were amazed with his first hand command of the law by reciting legal case law in answering our questions. I’ve worked with many lawyers within both a business and personal landscape and without a doubt give Paul the highest recommendation. No remarkable thing we experience that I have never felt with any other attorney was “piece of mind.” He laid out the options, plan, expertly negotiated the case and always kept us updated. His a remarkable attorney that truly loves what he does especially helping his teenage clients. 

Based on our recent experience I give Paul the highest ratings and recommendation and would recommend him without any reservation…”


“Working in the courtroom I have become very familiar with many attorneys.  So when I needed an attorney for myself, Paul Ghanouni was the first one that came to my mind.   Paul is always early into the courtroom, always well prepared and ready to handle his cases, and he’s always eager to take on new cases.

Whenever I tried contacting him and needed to leave a message, he always  returned my calls or emails very promptly.  He was always able to answer my questions.  But I feel if he wasn’t able to that he would research the matter until he did know the answer.

I was very happy with the outcome of my case and would highly recommend Paul in any type of case you are faced with.  He really has a passion for what he does and will do the best job he can for you.

And I found it pretty cool  when a friend asked me for the name of a reputable attorney and I gave them Paul’s name that they had also been given Paul’s name by someone else.  That just confirms that the people that have  used him have been very happy and satisfied with his representation.”

Star Star Star Star Star

“I received services from Mr. Ghanouni for a DUI I had obtained by the city of Woodstock. I thought to myself “how can even an attorney help me with such a stuck situation”. However I found out how professional, respectable, and well known Mr. Ghanouni was in the community. He worked hard to obtain any and all evidence for both sides in my case. He managed to point out things and ways that made the evidence against me dismissible as certain tests were inaccurately performed and administered inappropriately by a veteran of the police force. I will from now on highly recommend him to anyone I hear needing help in any court case. He gets a 10 out of 10 in my book.”

-A. M., Charged with DUI and Cracked Windshield

“I am 100% satisfied with Mr. Ghanouni’s performance and would recommend him to anyone.”

-W. S., Charged with Theft of a Motor Vehicle, DUI, Suspended License, and Violation of Probation (Probation for DUI)

“I want to thank for a job well done. Roughly nine months ago, just returning home from a business trip, I was greeted by the Woodstock Police Department, arrested, and then taken to Cherokee Co. Detention Center. The following day was a Friday, unfortunately a bond could not be posted until a judge issued release conditions and set an amount, which could take up to 72hrs. Friday morning my sister desperately called several firms in the area; each explaining to her that it would be Monday until a judge would take the time to review the case. Thankfully she did not give up and continued calling until she contacted your office and was confidently explained by you personally, that you could most likely have this process done in time so bond can be posted by the end of the day. By 6pm Friday the judge issued the conditions, bond was set and I made bail. At 35, I never thought I would be arrested or see the inside of a jail. It was an experience I will never forget, every minute inside felt like an hour. If it were not for you, I would have spent another 72-80 hours incarcerated, which would have been devastating. Of course most people who are arrested say they’re innocent, well some actually are and I’m one of them. The entire duration I maintained my innocence and you defended my position. Finally, after nine months of waiting the prosecutor made some phone calls and investigated the case. The defense you presented, consistently throughout, checked out and all charges were dropped, case dismissed. Paul, I am certain if my sister would have given up and settled for a different attorney this entire experience would have ended much differently. It’s because of this, (God forbid)for any legal issues that I may have or my family and friends; you will be the one we call. To be honest, I never thought I would ever be writing a thank you letter to a lawyer! Amazing. Good luck to you!”

-T.N., Battery (FVA), Simple Battery (FVA), and Disorderly Conduct

“We just wanted to thank you again for your help with our case. He would not have been able to get to Basic Training without you!”

-J.H., Client and E.H., Client’s Mother, Theft by Shoplifting

“Given the complexities and circumstances pertaining to my case, I feel that you did a superb job. I felt overwhelmed and at times quite discouraged. I often worried that I could possibly face quite lengthy prison time. That would have been absolutely devastating to my fiancé and immediate family. I couldn’t imagine watching my family live their lives through prison visitations. The idea of that alone gives me shivers, and that fact that you prevented that humbles me with great gratitude and even greater thanks to you for your services.

I would gladly recommend your services to my friends and family, should the need ever arise. I would not entrust the care of such important matters of my loved ones to just anybody. I would only want the very best service available for them, and I know that’s just what you would provide; as you have done for me. It is with great thanks and deep respect that I would refer your outstanding services to anyone at anytime.”

-S.M., Violation of Probation (Probation for DUI and Serious Injury by Motor Vehicle), and New DUI Offense

“Over the summer I had received a speeding ticket and faced a potential suspension of my license. Paul Ghanouni was my lawyer and represented me in court. Paul avidly and persistently pursued my interests and due to his advice and help, we were able to get the prosecutor to drop the charges. The amount of time and effort he put into helping me was undeniably the reason for such success in my case.”

-K. S., Under 21 charged with speeding 69 mph in a 45 mph zone

“[The] ethics concerning my particular case and the personal care and attention demonstrated by Mr. Paul Ghanouni, and the legal help toward my family & I, compels me to say, ‘thank you’.”

-J. C., Charged with DUI, Leaving the Scene of an Accident, Hit and Run, and Violation of Probation (Probation for DUI)

“I appreciate your time and effort and everything you did for me you made a world of difference for me.”

-C. K., Deprivation alleged by DFCS

“A lot of attorneys have either compassion or intelligence, but you have the right combination of both.”

-S. J., Client's aunt, Client Charged with Escape and Violation of Probation

“Paul Ghanouni is a lawyer that you want to get to know and meet as a friend and a lawyer. He is a good man, he is accurate, he is on time, he does not leave you sitting and waiting. He lets you know what’s going on and does not leave you wondering. He is professional, courteous, and willing to go out of his way for you. I would recommend him to anyone charged with anything in any county.”

-E. R., 3rd Lifetime DUI Arrest
Star Star Star Star Star

“I was interrogated by Woodstock police accused of being under the influence while running errands with my two children. I’m a single mother and these situations were terrifying. I was threatened with the possibility of having my children taken away from me with probable arrest, the more I tried to defend myself the more was I told ‘shut up’. The department of family and children services was involved immediately, before I knew it I was being investigated with my kids questioned. I have known Paul professionally and his reputation in matters like this, I called him immediately. Paul was available to talk at that moment and advised me of my rights, from that moment contact with DFCS stopped and Paul handled any and all further communications. I’m grateful to all of Paul’s services because within three weeks the case was resolved. I can honestly say I never seen a more aggressively professional attorney who is eager for a favorable outcome for his client.”

-Michelle C., Deprivation alleged by DFCS

“Very professional lawyer.”

Star Star Star Star Star

“Paul Ghanouni was attorney for my son (15 yr).  Mr. Ghanouni was a dependable attorney and went out of his way to stay in constant communication about our case and to make it even harder we lived out of state. Paul worked extremely hard for my son to get the Best outcome we could ask for. Paul researched the law in the state we live in to see how this situation would affect my son legally. Paul is compassionate, empathetic and hardworking attorney. Mr. Ghanouni went above and beyond every step of the way.”

-Shaun K.

“Very intelligent, very competent.”


“Paul is an excellent litigator.”

-Private Practice Lawyer

“It has been my experience that Mr. Ghanouni is an excellent attorney. He appears to be prepared in his case work and ready at the call of the calendar.”


“Paul Ghanouni is a conscientious attorney whose abilities are far beyond his 7 years of practice. I have personally viewed him confidently and competently handle criminal defense, family law issues, personal injury and general civil matters. I highly recommend him as an attorney and a colleague.”

-Private Practice Lawyer

“Paul is an ethical, hardworking, and dedicated criminal defense attorney who I have known since we were in law school together. I would trust Paul to represent me or a close family member, Great lawyer and great person!”

-Private Practice Lawyer
Star Star Star Star Star

“Paul stands above others in this profession due his ease of accessibility and bulldog persistence in working for his clients. While it’s sometimes hard to get other attorneys on the phone, you can always count on a call back or contact from Paul when you need it. His intelligent, thorough research of our previous issue made him stand out in the crowd and helped guarantee the best outcome of our case.”

-Rita B.
Star Star Star Star Star

“Paul was recommended to me by another attorney for his ability to successfully handle difficult situations but doing so in a professional and diplomatic way. He is very knowledgeable in his field of law and combines that knowledge with good common sense. He was highly attentive and responsive to my needs. Paul is honest and will tell you to the best of his ability if something can or cannot be done Paul’s extra attention to the details of my case combined with his skill led to a speedy and favorable outcome. My experience with Paul is that he truly cares about his client, is fair priced, and has passion for what he does. It’s more than just a career to him.”

-Joe Browning
Star Star Star Star Star

“When I realized my child needed an attorney, I spent a few hours reading reviews and curriculum vitae online. Through my research I decided to call Paul Ghanouni and see how I would feel about him after speaking to him. Well, I was sold. He was calm (which I wasn’t), compassionate and very knowledgable about our situation. He always returned calls and e-mails promptly, was straight forward and very realistic about what the outcome could possibly be. The outcome was amazing, better than Paul even predicted. I hope I never need the services of a criminal attorney again, but if I do, it will definitely be Mr. Ghanouni. I highly recommend his services if you ever need someone on your side in court!!”

-Susanne Hodgson

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a bond? What if I cannot afford a bond?
Show AnswerGhanouni Teen & Young Adult Defense Firm

A bond is an amount of money you must pay to be released from jail pending your appearance in court. If you pay a cash bond the money will be returned to you at the conclusion of the case. However, if you use a bonding company the money you give them is the fee to have them post your bond and you will not get this money back. If you are unable to make the bond that has been set, an attorney can either get you into court at an earlier court date to dispose of your case or he can request a bond reduction hearing for you, and ask the court to lower your bond.

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How we help You

We help to minimize the impact that the accusations against you have on your life by creating a customized plan that best serves you.

We do not offer one size fits criminal defense.

We help protect the futures of Georgia teens and young adults accused of crimes.