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Many teenagers and young adults do not consider the consequences associated with using or possessing illegal drugs until after they get caught. Unfortunately, being arrested or charged for a drug-related offense can be serious.

While facing penalties or punishment for drug use or possession is intimidating, it is important to understand there are ways to potentially resolve your case and prevent the situation from hanging over your head. An arrest for drug possession is not a sign that you are a bad person, and it does not mean your future as you know it is over. In many cases, you can address these charges and get your life back on track with the help of a compassionate criminal defense attorney. Let a Woodstock drug lawyer evaluate your case and help you face these charges head-on.

Common Drug Offenses in Woodstock

There are a few different drug charges that a local teenager or young adult might face. For example, possession of a controlled substance like marijuana is one of the most common offenses. Meanwhile, a young defendant could also be accused of manufacturing, distributing, or transporting an illegal substance. The consequences of these accusations or convictions can change based on a defendant’s age, as a knowledgeable lawyer can explain.

Facing Adult Consequences as a Teenager

In most ways, society treats 17-year-olds as children. However, this differs in the criminal justice system. When a defendant 17 or older is accused of a drug-related offense, they will be tried as an adult.

Facing adult-level drug charges is serious for a young defendant, as a conviction is more likely to remain on their criminal record for the rest of their life. These records could make it difficult to obtain a job, get accepted into the desired college, or even find housing. Therefore, anyone being tried for drug charges as an adult could benefit from the guidance of a seasoned Woodstock attorney.

Is Pretrial Diversion an Option in a Drug Case?

In some drug cases, it makes sense to fight for an acquittal in trial or to push for a case to be dismissed before a trial becomes necessary. However, entering into a negotiation with the State can be another powerful option, as it could allow a young defendant who is facing a first drug charge to pursue something known as a pretrial diversion.

While every court in Cherokee County treats pre-trial diversion programs somewhat differently for drug offenses, the general premise is that the accused accepts responsibility for their actions and completes a set of pre-determined criteria over a predetermined time period. Assuming these terms are completed, then the case is typically dismissed at the conclusion of the program.

It is important to recognize that not everyone qualifies for diversion. Some courts will not offer this option for certain types of drug charges, and most courts do not offer diversion programs for someone who has completed one before. A Woodstock lawyer can help a young defendant determine whether a pre-trial diversion program is an option in their particular drug case.

Talk to a Woodstock Drug Attorney Right Away

If you have been charged with a drug offense, it is important for you to remember that you have options for keeping your future on track. The decisions you make and your choice of legal representation could make a tremendous difference in your case, and ultimately, your future. With the right legal team at your side, you could protect your legal rights and minimize the consequences of the charge on your future goals. Call today to schedule your consultation with a Woodstock drug lawyer.

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