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No one wants to be placed under arrest in Cobb County. However, arrests involving teenagers and young adults are rather commonplace. From shoplifting to driving under the influence of alcohol or even felony drug possession, there are many situations that could lead to an arrest or criminal charges.

If you have been arrested or accused of an offense, you deserve a team who can help protect your future. Making mistakes is part of growing up, and a Cobb County criminal defense lawyer could help you face these errors and resolve them in a positive way.

Our legal team understands the serious nature of your case and can find the right strategy. Depending on your goals and the situation, our skilled defense attorneys can negotiate to reduce the impact of a charge or fight the charge all together.

Common Criminal Offenses in Cobb County

There are many ways that a teenager or young adult could find themselves facing a criminal charge. A dedicated attorney in Cobb County could offer guidance for offenses such as:

• Vandalism or Criminal Damage to Property
• Theft
• Reckless driving
• Underage possession of alcohol/Minor in possession
• Family violence
• Marijuana possession
• Felony drug possession

Any criminal conviction could have serious, long-term consequences. This is especially true for young people who are pursuing an education or thinking about the future. Therefore, any of these charges deserve dedicated and knowledgeable legal representation. Reducing the impact of an offense on one’s life is a challenge, but our legal team is here to help you with your case.

Adult vs. Juvenile Justice Systems

It is key to understand that young adults are subject to different justice systems and rules than juveniles are. When the state pursues criminal charges against an adult, those who are 17 and older, its goal is often to punish and deter. The same is not true for minors—those who are 16 and younger. The juvenile justice system often focuses on giving adolescents another chance.

For instance, Juvenile offenders enjoy greater privacy rights compared to adults, whose cases occur in public hearings. Juveniles also rarely face the risk of traditional incarceration in county jail. Instead, there are juvenile-only facilities that are used when the court determines a child needs to be incarcerated.

However, juveniles also do not have some of the rights afforded to adults. For example, juveniles lack the right to a jury trial that adults have. A knowledgeable lawyer in Cobb County can further explain what makes criminal defense for juveniles unique and help a minor learn what to expect from their case process.

Minors and Pre-Hearing Detention

Unlike adults who are usually able to bond out of jail when first arrested, the process is different when it comes to minors accused of wrongdoing. If a juvenile is detained (arrested), a hearing will be scheduled for a juvenile judge to determine whether a child can be returned to their parent or guardian prior to resolution of their case.

There are times when a judge could order pre-hearing detention for a minor. This is generally limited to cases where the court believes the minor is a threat to someone else, a threat to property, or will not show up in court if released.

Defense Options for Different Cases

When it comes to defending either teenagers or young adults from criminal charges, there are a few strategies to consider. One option is for a skilled Cobb County attorney to fight to mitigate the consequences of a conviction.

Meanwhile, some cases might warrant looking into the best way to combat or beat a charge. The right strategy for the situation depends on the age of a defendant, their goals for the case, and the circumstances surrounding a charge. Regardless, our dedicated legal team can listen to a young adult or juvenile’s story and help them determine the best next steps.

Learn How a Cobb County Criminal Defense Attorney Can Help

For most people facing charges in Cobb County, the mistakes they have made are not insurmountable. With the right support, it could be possible for them to get back on track and get their lives in order. A young defendant should not have to worry about their life changing forever because of a mistake they made.

Let a Cobb County criminal defense lawyer guide you through the justice system step-by-step. Reach out today to learn more about your options for moving forward and keeping your life on track.

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