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For many people, facing criminal charges is one of the most difficult things they will ever deal with. A single mistake, being in the wrong place at the wrong time, or getting wrapped up in a misunderstanding could all get you into serious legal trouble.

Even if the charges you face seem relatively minor, a conviction could still have lasting consequences. The good news is that our skilled legal team could help you or a loved one aissess your legal options, fight back against these charges if possible, or pursue a favorable case outcome. A Woodstock criminal defense lawyer understands your situation and can help you fight to keep your future on track.

Common Criminal Offenses for Young Adults and Juveniles

There are many criminal offenses that teenagers and young adults might be charged with, and some are more common than others. Some crimes are categorized as misdemeanors, while more serious offenses are felonies. Being convicted of a felony could, unfortunately, result in more than a year in jail. Some of the most common criminal offenses seen in local courts include:

No matter the charge, any teenager or young adult facing prosecution for an alleged criminal offense deserves a compassionate Woodstock attorney to assess their case and work with them to help them determine the best path forward. Any of these charges could carry serious consequences, but our legal team is here to help you minimize the impact of an arrest or charge on your life.

Teen & Young Adult vs. Juvenile Charges in Woodstock

State law treats adults and juveniles very differently when it comes to criminal charges. Simply being a teenager, doesn’t put a case in juvenile court.  As a general rule, anyone under the age of 17 will have their case flow through the juvenile court system, while those 17 and older will have their case heard in the adult criminal justice system.

There are important differences between being charged as a juvenile and being charged as an adult. To begin, juvenile cases are not a matter of public record and can take place in private. Juvenile defendants cases are never heard by a jury. However, judges are typically focused on rehabilitating a juvenile defendant. While a court might impose serious punishments on an adult to deter them for criminal behavior, the judge overseeing a juvenile case might focus on penalties that give a teenager an opportunity to learn from their mistakes and move past the situation proactively.

Regardless, criminal cases involving juveniles are still serious. A young defendant might face time in a detention center or risk being tried as an adult. Therefore, guidance from a knowledgeable attorney in Woodstock is essential to making sure that a juvenile defendant has the opportunity to proactively move past their mistake and case.

In addition to more serious punishments, those who are 17 and older have the potential to face a criminal history that could follow them around for the rest of their life.  Taking steps that focus on minimizing these long-term impacts are key to helping a young person have every opportunity to move past a criminal case in a way that allows them to achieve their full potential.

How Could a Dedicated Attorney Help?

It is key for a teenager or young adult to remember that hope is not lost if they get arrested for a criminal offense. An arrest does not guarantee a conviction, and reaching out to a lawyer from the beginning could help minimize the impact of an arrest. Whether you were wrongly accused or are facing the consequences of a mistake, a Woodstock criminal defense attorney can help handle your charge in the most proactive way possible.

In some cases, legal representation might be able to get a charged dismissed entirely. If that is not an option, it could be possible to negotiate a favorable plea bargain. Finally, in some situations, taking the case to trial might be the best available option. Our legal team recognizes that each case is unique and can help you to find the best option for your circumstances.

Reach Out To a Woodstock Criminal Defense Attorney Right Away

If you or your loved one were charged with a crime in Woodstock, you have the right to an attorney. Criminal charges can be incredibly serious for young adult and juvenile defendants, and our legal team is here to help you protect your future.

Let a Woodstock criminal defense lawyer review the facts of your case and help you find the best way to move forward. Call right away to get started.

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