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“My mission is to protect the futures of our younger generation from their mistakes so that they can achieve their full potential.”

-Paul Ghanouni
Founding Partner

Ghanouni - Our Team

One mistake doesn’t define you. Which is why we’ll defend you.

By the time Paul Ghanouni had finished high school, he had been frisked by the police and laid on the hood of a police car, and he had ridden involuntarily in the back of one, too. None of Paul’s poor decisions ended up derailing his life, but he was lucky, because some of the same mistakes he had made ended up costing others their future. That’s why he built the Ghanouni Teen & Young Adult Defense Firm.

As criminal defense lawyers who serve mainly juveniles and young adults, our goal is seeing our clients fulfill their potential without the strike of a criminal record. We don’t have a one-size-fits-all approach because we recognize each case is different. Instead, we tailor our solutions to fit the charge and minimize the impact on your life.

As part of our role as advisors, our attorneys also help you understand what led to your situation and ways your decisions can impact your future. We work diligently to eradicate your current issues, as well as keep you away from future legal problems so you can fulfill your dreams.

Our Team

Paul Ghanouni

Paul Ghanouni

Founder & Supervising Attorney

Barry Hixson

Barry Hixson

Criminal Defense Attorney

Anna Ghanouni

Anna Ghanouni

Firm Administrator

We focus our practice exclusively on one area of law: criminal defense.

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