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Criminal Defense Associate Attorney

Full Job Description

The Teen & Young Adult Defense Firm, located in Woodstock, is seeking an experienced attorney that is eager to handle criminal defense cases, ranging from traffic violations to serious felonies. This includes representing clients throughout the litigation process, including negotiations, pre-trial motions, trials, and pleas, as well as the occasional appeal. Juvenile delinquency experience and school tribunal experience is preferred, but not required.

The attorney in this position will focus on helping our clients achieve their goals, by providing representation throughout the legal process as well as advice on how the matter will appear on their official Georgia criminal history, and the potential options to have that information restricted, when appropriate. There is minimal rainmaking expectation for our lawyers. There may be a smaller percentage of consults to be conducted, but it will not be a primary duty. The attorney will not be involved in billing or collections-related issues, unless it is to explain to the client the value provided or what is being done moving forward. As a result, this position is perfect for you if you love being an attorney and don’t like having to worry about bringing in business. We want you to be the best attorney you can be so that you can get the best possible results for our clients given their situations.

For this position, you need to be able to document all work completed on cases in a manner that any team member will be able to have a clear understanding of the current status of a case and what has been completed. You must be comfortable delegating tasks and communications that do not require a law degree to complete to other team members, while also being willing to pick up tasks that an attorney might not otherwise normally complete, when necessary.

About Us

Our firm focuses exclusively on helping individuals who have been accused of a crime and school disciplinary hearings. We have very high customer service standards, and our clients always come first. Our firm’s mission is to do everything we can to make sure that a bad decision or bad situation does not define a person’s life. Beyond just providing thorough criminal defense services, we strive to make the process as stress-free and easy as possible, while being compassionate to what our clients and their families are experiencing. Oftentimes, this is one of the most difficult experiences of a person’s life, and our firm does everything we can to ease that difficulty.

To this end, we have established systemized processes to make sure that our clients have a consistently positive experience when working with our team. While we are constantly working to improve and fine-tune these systems, our entire team is expected to follow through with them and contribute to improving them. While we take following our internal processes and how we handle our clients’ cases very seriously, we have a positive environment inside our office.

Why join us?

We are an established and growing firm, and have been recognized for two years by the Law Firm 500 as one of the fastest-growing law firms in the country. 2020 was a rough year, but we are excited to move forward and continue to grow in 2021 and moving forward.

During 2020, we realized that we can do most of our work remotely and plan to carry that forward in the future, as long as that remains practicable for providing our clients the best service and ensuring all necessary work is being done.

Be a part of a team. We take a team approach when helping our clients through their situations. Different members of the team have different strengths and working together allows us to provide the best representation as well as a great environment to let your strengths shine.

Great culture. We are serious about how we handle client’s cases and making sure things are done right, but we also enjoy a positive atmosphere when interacting with other team members.

We want being a part of our team to help move you towards your goals.

Competitive compensation structure with incentives.

Paid Time Off, including holidays.

No expectation or requirement for you to generate new business, however we do have a bonus structure in place for new business generation.

Your role will not involve having to handle collections issues with clients.


To be considered for the position, the candidate must meet the following qualifications:

  • 5 or more years in practice in Georgia criminal law
  • Enjoys the practice of criminal law
  • Does not have a negative attitude toward our clients or people accused of crimes
  • Have the ability to think through big picture strategy in criminal cases to manage it from start to finish, and pivot when needed
  • See the simple, complex, and creative solutions to a situation, explain each to a client in plain English and help the client select the best solution for his or her situation based upon their goals and facts of the case
  • Tech-savvy
  • Does not need someone to manage him or her, and takes a proactive approach on handling cases
  • Does not need to be trained on how to do legal work, and possesses strong negotiation and litigation skills
  • Motivated to be a part of our firm and team as it grows
  • Willing to travel throughout Georgia, though most of our cases are in Cherokee and Cobb, with other metro and north Georgia counties
  • Willing to follow our processes & procedures to handle cases in the manner that we want, and is willing to provide ideas on ways to improve what we already do or suggest better ways to do it
  • Outstanding customer service skills
  • Ability to document everything that takes place on a case and track the time spent on a case
  • Adapts to change well
  • Willingness to do some minor marketing, like write an article for our newsletter, or a thank you card to a referral source
  • Have a good understanding of GCIC and criminal histories
  • Establish a relationship and rapport with a client, and maintain that relationship and rapport throughout the case
  • Provide supervision and direction to other team members, to ensure everything is on track for the cases you are working on

Job Type: Full-time
Schedule: Day shift
Experience: Georgia Criminal Defense: 5 years (Preferred)
Work Remotely:Temporarily due to COVID-19