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Every person has the right to a solid defense when they are charged with a crime, and young people are no exception. The criminal justice system can be difficult for anyone, but it is especially challenging for a juvenile (someone 17 and under). A dedicated criminal defense attorney understands this and could help young defendants keep their lives, school careers, and future prospects on track.

If you or your child is facing a juvenile charge, you should not hesitate to work with experienced legal representation. A juvenile offense does not have to define a person, and countless children put their record behind them when they enter adulthood. A Woodstock juvenile defense lawyer can fight to protect the rights of a young defendant.

Examples of Juvenile Offenses

There are a wide range of criminal charges that a younger defendant might face, from minor traffic offenses to serious felony charges. Additionally, just as with adults, younger defendants can face steeper consequences following repeat offenses.

Some of the most common offenses seen in juvenile court include vandalism, DUI, possession of illegal drugs, traffic violations, and shoplifting. If an offense is more serious, a minor might be charged as an adult and have their case move through the standard court system. However, regardless of the circumstances, an experienced Woodstock attorney could help a juvenile pinpoint next steps and determine the most productive way to handle their case.

What Makes Juvenile Court Different?

The biggest difference between cases in juvenile court and adult prosecutions is that juvenile proceedings can take place in private. Unlike a public courtroom, most aspects of a juvenile case can occur behind closed doors. This distinction is important, since it often makes it easier for a Woodstock juvenile defense attorney to protect the reputation of a young client and help them avoid the stigma of a criminal conviction.

Another significant difference is that there is no jury requirement in the juvenile justice system. While adults have the right to demand a jury trial, that is not the case with minors.

Finally, with juvenile cases, a young defendant is usually required to remain in a correctional facility unless the court agrees to release them to a parent or guardian. All these differences make juvenile proceedings unique. Our legal representatives understand this and can use their knowledge to find the best way to handle a particular case.

The Importance of a Juvenile Attorney

There are many defense attorneys qualified to practice in Woodstock, but not all of them have experience defending juveniles and younger clients. This experience is important, since the juvenile justice system is very different from what most attorneys are accustomed to.

For example, it is important for an attorney to tailor a defense strategy to the specific case while focusing on ways to protect the rights of the young defendant. This might involve negotiating with the state to drop or reduce charges in exchange for certain conditions. The right legal team could thoroughly assess the situation, listen to a young defendant’s side of the story, and negotiate with the judge to help a child learn from their mistakes and get their life back on track.

Contact a Woodstock Juvenile Defense Attorney For Guidance

If you or your child has been charged with a criminal offense, there is no doubt the situation can be stressful. You might not know where to begin, and you are understandably worried about the negative effects that a conviction could have on the future. Our legal team appreciates your concerns and wants to help you minimize the impact of your case. Contact a Woodstock juvenile defense lawyer today to learn more.

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