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I want to thank for a job well done. Roughly nine months ago, just returning home from a business trip, I was greeted by the Woodstock Police Department, arrested, and then taken to Cherokee Co. Detention Center. The following day was a Friday, unfortunately a bond could not be posted until a judge issued release conditions and set an amount, which could take up to 72hrs. Friday morning my sister desperately called several firms in the area; each explaining to her that it would be Monday until a judge would take the time to review the case. Thankfully she did not give up and continued calling until she contacted your office and was confidently explained by you personally, that you could most likely have this process done in time so bond can be posted by the end of the day. By 6pm Friday the judge issued the conditions, bond was set and I made bail. At 35, I never thought I would be arrested or see the inside of a jail. It was an experience I will never forget, every minute inside felt like an hour. If it were not for you, I would have spent another 72-80 hours incarcerated, which would have been devastating. Of course most people who are arrested say they’re innocent, well some actually are and I’m one of them. The entire duration I maintained my innocence and you defended my position. Finally, after nine months of waiting the prosecutor made some phone calls and investigated the case. The defense you presented, consistently throughout, checked out and all charges were dropped, case dismissed. Paul, I am certain if my sister would have given up and settled for a different attorney this entire experience would have ended much differently. It’s because of this, (God forbid)for any legal issues that I may have or my family and friends; you will be the one we call. To be honest, I never thought I would ever be writing a thank you letter to a lawyer! Amazing. Good luck to you!

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