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Facing criminal charges can be scary – especially for someone who has never been in trouble with law enforcement before. Additionally, the inconsistency in how drug-related charges are handled throughout Georgia can make matters even more confusing. Something that may result in a small fine in one county could lead you to face possible jail time and a permanent record in another. These conflicting laws are especially perplexing to young people who may not be able to fully consider what consequences are associated with using or possessing illegal substances. We are here to help you.

We believe that everyone should have every available opportunity for their future, and no one should have one mistake ruin their entire life. Our award-winning criminal defense attorneys have helped thousands of people just like you take steps toward protecting their futures. Take the first step toward protecting yourself or your loved one’s future by contacting a Holly Springs drug defense lawyer from our team to see if we can help.

Georgia’s Drug Offenses

In Georgia, possessing, distributing, or manufacturing a controlled substance is illegal. This includes marijuana, THC, heroin, cocaine, methamphetamine, and, in some scenarios, prescription drugs. A young person can face varying levels of consequences, from misdemeanors to felonies, depending on what laws they allegedly violated.

Possession of Drugs

Although some states have decriminalized possessing small amounts of marijuana, Georgia is not one of them. If police find less than an ounce on or within reach of a person, they can be charged with actual or constructive possession of controlled substances under the Official Code of Georgia Annotated § 16-13-30(a). Possessing cocaine, methamphetamines, ecstasy, heroin, or most other controlled substances is also illegal and are felony charges, regardless of the amount.

Possession with Intent to Distribute

All it takes in Georgia is one law enforcement officer to determine that the drugs a teen or young adult is found with were intended to be distributed, and they can be charged with a felony pursuant to O.C.G.A. § 16-13-30(b). Our trusted team can look for ways to challenge these charges, from discrediting the officer’s assumptions to challenging the intent to distribute, making a difference in a young adult’s life and future.

Building a Defense for Drug-Related Charges

People 16 and younger will have their cases heard in the Juvenile Court system, while those 17 and older face charges in adult court. Some aspects of a drug-related charge will differ between these two courts. However, both systems recognize misdemeanors and felonies, and penalties can have serious short and long-term impacts on a young person’s life and future.

The approach to building a drug defense will always start with our skillful Holly Springs attorneys and team speaking with you during an initial Defense Strategy Meeting to better understand your primary concerns regarding these charges. This will allow us to listen to you and help you find clarity on your options so that you can choose the best one for your unique circumstances.  Then, we can determine if it makes sense to execute that plan together.

Typically, these defense strategies will either involve developing ways to mitigate the potential penalties, contest the charges, or a combination of both approaches. For example, emphasizing a first-time offender’s lack of criminal history and future potential may be beneficial. Our team may also raise questions regarding the legality of any police searches or show that the State may not be able to prove whether you or your loved one was even in possession of any controlled substances or drug paraphernalia. Regardless of what steps we take, we will ensure that they are in alignment with your goals, so you can make the best decision for your future.

Let a Holly Springs Drug Defense Attorney Work With You

Teens and young adults who have been convicted of a crime can suffer from long-term impacts that may hinder their ability to get jobs or go to the colleges of their choice. In some situations, criminal charges can even cause someone to lose their freedom by being in juvenile detention centers or jail.

Without proactive representation that focuses on protecting your future, you are at an increased risk for a criminal record and the problems it can bring to your life. If, after speaking with us, we all agree that it makes sense to work together, our compassionate team will count you among the selection of clients that we genuinely believe we can help. Reach out to a Holly Springs drug defense lawyer from the Ghanouni Teen & Young Adult Defense Firm today.

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