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Are Georgia Teens Required to Take a Road Test during COVID-19?

On April 23, 2020, Georgia’s Governor Brian Kemp issued an executive order that included the temporary suspension of road tests for Georgia drivers.  These drivers must meet all the other requirements of obtaining a Georgia Driver’s License.
There have been mixed reactions to this decision.  Many people were concerned about teen and young adult drivers who would be on the roads never having passed a driver’s test.  Others were relieved that there would be an option for their teen to get a license so that they could assist with family responsibilities.

On May 12, 2020, Georgia’s Governor issued executive order, which clarified the suspension of the on-the-road driver’s test.  It explained that anyone who got their license based upon the suspension of the driver’s test would still have to take the on-the-road test.

These drivers will have to complete a road test by September 30, 2020.  The Department of Drivers Services can provide the road test by being in the car with the person taking the test or by other remote means.
Presumably, the other remote means will allow an examiner to observe a driver without riding in the vehicle.  A simple solution might be to have a two-way communication device that does not require the driver to touch it to speak with the DDS representative.  This would allow everyone involved to continue to maintain social distancing as required by the Governor’s other executive orders.

In addition to these requirements for taking a road test, many new drivers (and their parents) are not aware of how easy it is to have their drivers license suspended.  Click here to read our article What every under 21 driver (and their parents) should know about Georgia traffic laws.

If you know a teen or young adult who is facing a traffic violation, contact our office to learn the impacts and whether you need a lawyer.

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