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Favorite Feel Good Moment – Sobriety in Action!

Favorite Feel Good Moment – Sobriety in Action!

We are always looking for ways to support and celebrate the individuals that trust our team with their criminal law matters. This month we started a project designed to highlight our clients who’ve been able to achieve success after facing a legal challenge.

While reaching out to ask for their participation, we learned of their great accomplishments and witnessed in some cases what seems to be total life makeovers. One client in particular shared how she is approaching her third year sober. Ultimately, our relationship began as a result of the choices she’d made because of her addiction. Before working with our team she never thought she’d make it to see the age of 30. Today, she is in a loving relationship, with a beautiful son and shares her story with others in the hope of motivating someone else that they too can change for the better. She thanked us for believing in her and said, “Y’all weren’t just a regular law firm, you all really cared about my success and wanted to see me change for the better.”

We are so proud of this client and all of our clients that have taken what may have been the darkest point in their lives and turned it into a beautiful success story. Testimonials like these are what motivate us to continue doing our work. We are excited to share the finished project with you soon.

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