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Second-Time Underage DUI in Woodstock

When prosecutors convict an underage driver of operating a vehicle while under the influence of alcohol for the first time, their goal is often to rehabilitate the young defendant and inspire them not to repeat their mistake. However, some young drivers are accused or convicted of driving under the influence (DUI) for a second or third time.

If you or your loved one is accused of a second-time underage DUI in Woodstock, our team could help you determine the best path forward and provide you with the tools to minimize the impact that the arrest or accusation has on your future. Speak with a trusted DUI defense attorney from our firm for personalized guidance and help handling your case in the most effective way possible.

Prosecutors are More Concerned with a Second DUI Charge

One noteworthy aspect of being accused of a DUI for the second time in Woodstock is that prosecutors might take a different approach. They may be concerned that a young defendant is not taking these offenses seriously or that there is a significant alcohol abuse problem and that a first arrest or conviction was insufficient to teach them not to drink and drive. If the prosecutor believes a previous rehabilitative effort did not make an impact, they might consider more punitive consequences.

For example, a young defendant may also face 90 days in jail, 240 hours of mandatory community service, and a longer license suspension. Additionally, while the mandatory minimum fine for a second DUI arrest increases to $600, the prosecutor can recommend more significant amounts.

Alternatively, prosecutors may also want a young defendant to participate in a DUI Court program to take a more intensive approach to rehabilitation.

While these enhanced penalties might seem intimidating, our skilled team can help a young driver understand what to expect during their court process, and work with them to explore every option available for mitigating these consequences in accordance with their goals.

License Issues and Suspension After a Second DUI

After being arrested for a suspected second DUI, an underage driver in Woodstock may face losing their driving privileges. This depends on many factors, including whether the police officer initiated an administrative license suspension (ALS) before trial. If there was no administrative license suspension, and they otherwise had a valid license, their license will generally stay valid until conviction. However, if an ALS was initiated, many other factors, such as whether the driver refused testing and if they have had a prior ALS, will play a role in determining their options.

If a young person is convicted of a second offense, they typically face an 18-month driver’s license suspension. Their age at the time of conviction and how old they will be during the course of representation will impact whether they are eligible for any kind of permit that would allow them to continue to drive to work or school. When someone is close to turning 21, this can sometimes be utilized strategically by requesting to delay a resolution until a later date, allowing the young person to have more options.

Discuss Second-Time Underage DUI in Woodstock with Our Attorneys

When you or your child faces a second-time underage DUI in Woodstock, you will likely have many questions and concerns regarding your future. Being convicted of driving under the influence for the second time could result in a lengthy license suspension and other serious penalties. It is essential to retain the best possible legal representation to help you find the most proactive way to move forward and minimize the situation’s impact on your life.

Speak with an experienced member of our team today to determine whether working together is a good fit.

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