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Shoplifting charges for minors and adults in their 20s can have lasting impacts beyond potential penalties. Even an arrest record can damage future prospects. That’s why it’s crucial to get qualified legal help right away. Our team understands the sensitive nature of these cases and will work to minimize consequences and protect your future.

No matter the circumstances surrounding the alleged shoplifting, taking prompt action with an effective defense strategy is key. At Ghanouni Teen & Young Adult Defense Firm, we’ve helped countless youth in your shoes, and we’ll bring that same tenacity to your case. Consult our legal team to discuss potential next steps.

Shoplifting Charges in Georgia

In Georgia, shoplifting is covered by the theft laws in Georgia Code § 16-8-14. This statute defines shoplifting as taking merchandise from a store or retail establishment with the intent to deprive the owner without paying.

It covers a wide range of conduct beyond the stereotypical image of concealing items in a bag or pocket, including:

  • Hiding merchandise in clothing, purses, stroller compartments, etc.
  • Switching price tags to a lower amount or transferring tags between items
  • Intentionally scanning items improperly or not at all at self-checkout kiosks
  • Consuming food, drinks, or other items inside the store without paying

Depending on the total value of the merchandise involved, shoplifting charges can range from misdemeanors up to felony-level offenses in Georgia.

Potential Penalties for Shoplifting Convictions

Shoplifting offenses in Cobb County carry varying consequences depending on the value of the stolen goods and the number of prior convictions.

If convicted as an adult, the penalties range from misdemeanor charges with potential jail time to felony charges with mandatory minimum sentences:

  • First-Time Offense — For a first-time conviction, misdemeanor charges apply if the stolen property is $500 or less, with potential fines, classes, community service, and jail time. If the amount is over $500, felony charges can lead to up to 10 years in prison.
  • Second Offense — With a second conviction, misdemeanor charges still apply for items under $500, but a minimum fine of $500 is imposed in addition to any other potential consequences.
  • Third Offense — A third conviction carries mandatory confinement, as well as a potential psychological evaluation and other conditions.
  • Fourth or Subsequent Offense — With three prior convictions, the fourth conviction is a felony regardless of the item’s value, carrying a 1 to 10-year sentence with a mandatory minimum of 1 year in custody.

But beyond the immediate penalties, a shoplifting conviction goes on your permanent criminal record. This can severely hamper future prospects for employment, housing, education opportunities, loan applications, and more.

For juveniles charged with crimes like theft by shoplifting, the court has greater flexibility compared to the adult system’s strict sentencing based on monetary value.

However, whether your case is being held in adult or juvenile court, it often still takes the help of a skilled defense attorney to advocate for reduced charges or mitigate the long-term consequences.

Shoplifting Defense Strategies

Depending on the circumstances of your case, some common defense approaches include:

  • Challenging the credibility and observations of store security, employees, witnesses
  • Analyzing video footage and physical evidence for inconsistencies
  • Questioning the grounds for any searches/seizures and protecting constitutional rights
  • Exploring potential affirmative defenses like lack of intent, mental health factors, etc.
  • Negotiating with prosecutors for reduced charges or diversion programs

Ultimately, the defense strategy we use must align with your goals. If we work together, we’ll understand your desired outcomes – both short and long-term. Based on that, we’ll recommend a tailored strategy that matches your objectives.

Our Commitment to Teens and Adults in Their 20’s

At Ghanouni Teen & Young Adult Defense, safeguarding the futures and opportunities of teenagers and clients in their 20s is our singular mission.

But our team doesn’t take on every case that comes our way. To ensure we can provide focused attention, our legal team conducts an initial consultation to determine if we’re a mutual fit.

We’ll evaluate your unique circumstances and priorities and determine whether our experience aligns with your goals. Rest assured, you’ll receive a compassionate, judgment-free assessment upholding your privacy. We aim to provide transparent guidance on potential options and outcomes should we proceed as a team.

Our advocacy is rooted in creating the best pathway forward for the accused and their families.

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Getting through this requires patience and experienced legal representation. But with our attorneys by your side, that bright future is still within reach despite this current stumbling block.

Contact the Ghanouni Teen & Young Adult Defense Firm to schedule a case evaluation with our legal team. Our attorneys will protect you or your child’s rights and future prospects, as well as work toward the best possible resolution.

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