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At Ghanouni Teen and Young Adult Defense Firm, we represent people in their teens and 20s facing reckless driving charges in Smyrna and across Cobb County.

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What Constitutes Reckless Driving in Georgia?

O.C.G.A. 40-6-390 defines reckless driving as driving with a “disregard for the safety of persons or property.”

To convict someone of reckless driving, prosecutors must prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the driver made an intentional, conscious choice to drive dangerously – not just that they momentarily lost control or made a mistake.

Under subsection (a), examples of driving behavior that may constitute reckless driving include:

  • Excessive speeding
  • Street racing
  • Aggressive weaving in and out of traffic
  • Illegally passing other vehicles
  • Running red lights and stop signs

However, simply being distracted or failing to notice another car or traffic signal does not necessarily rise to the level of reckless driving.

Subsection (b) lays out the penalties for a reckless driving conviction in Georgia. It is classified as a misdemeanor offense, punishable by up to 12 months in jail. A conviction may also result in license suspension, increased insurance rates, and a criminal record.

With so much on the line, it’s critical to mount a strong defense against reckless driving charges. Whether the plan is mitigating the charges with an explanation or fighting the charge as not being legally valid, our attorneys can help.

In Georgia, Even One Ticket Can Suspend a Young Person’s License

For young drivers in Georgia, racking up points on their license can lead to an automatic suspension much faster than adults. The state’s harsh penalties are aimed at promoting safe driving habits early on.

For 18-20 year olds, a suspension kicks in if they accumulate 15 or more points within 24 months. But it only takes a single 4-point offense like reckless driving to lose their license.

16 and 17-year-old drivers face even stricter rules. Their licenses are suspended for six months after accruing just 4 points in a 12-month period. That means one ticket for reckless driving, improper passing, or excessive speeding can cost them their driving privileges.

Common single-ticket offenses carrying four or more points include:

  • Driving 24+ mph over the speed limit: 4-6 points
  • Reckless driving: 4 points
  • Aggressive driving: 6 points
  • Improper passing on a hill or curve: 4 points
  • Improper passing of a school bus: 6 points

With such unforgiving standards, parents and teens must take traffic offenses seriously from day one. Simply paying a ticket instead of fighting it in court can unnecessarily put a young driver’s license at risk of suspension.

Don’t Just Pay That Ticket – Get a Traffic Lawyer Instead

While just paying a traffic ticket may seem like the quick and easy option, doing so can have serious long-term consequences that many people overlook. Even a single ticket can result in points on your license, increased insurance rates, and a suspended license.

That’s why it’s crucial to have an experienced traffic attorney evaluate your case and protect your driving record. At our firm, we take the time to fully understand each client’s situation and goals. Whether you want to contest the ticket and fight the charges or negotiate for a reduction or dismissal, we develop a strategy aimed at a favorable outcome.

Our team listens to learn about your current circumstances, future plans, and how the ticket could impact your life both immediately and down the road. We provide recommendations on the strongest path forward, looking at all the angles to leverage issues with the evidence or citation procedures.

For some drivers, contesting the ticket is about upholding their rights and avoiding penalties they don’t deserve. For others, it’s about mitigating long-term damage to their driving record and insurance costs. Regardless of your goals, having our traffic lawyers advocating for you maximizes your chances while ensuring your side of the story is properly represented.

Don’t simply pay a ticket and accept whatever consequences come with it—defend your future.

Take Control of Your Future With Ghanouni Teen & Young Adult Defense Firm

Getting cited for reckless driving can put your ability to drive in jeopardy.

Hiring an experienced criminal defense attorney can help you fight your traffic ticket and potentially avoid harsh penalties that could impact your driving record, insurance rates, and future opportunities.

Our law firm has been serving Smyrna for years. Contact our legal team for an initial consultation.

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