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What Types Of Cases Go To Cherokee County Juvenile Court?

Most cases involving someone under the age of 17 who is accused of committing a crime, delinquent act, or juvenile traffic offense begin in Cherokee County Juvenile Court. These types of offenses can include things like:

  • Misdemeanor Possession of Marijuana
  • Felony Drug Possession, which includes things like:
    • THC Oil
    • Xanax or other prescriptions not prescribed to the individual
    • Heroin
  • Underage Possession of Alcohol (MIP)
  • Terroristic Threats
  • Driving Under the Influence (DUI)
  • Theft by Shoplifting

There are certain serious offenses that always start in Superior Court for someone who is 13 or older, and other offenses potentially can be transferred to Superior Court, even if they start in Juvenile Court.

How Do Cherokee County Juvenile Delinquency Or Criminal Cases Begin?

Most of these cases start from investigations conducted by local law enforcement agencies within Cherokee County. These include the Canton Police Department, Holly Springs Police Department, Woodstock Police Department, and the Cherokee County Sheriff’s Office.

Juvenile delinquency cases are prosecuted by the Cherokee County District Attorney’s Office.

Outside of cases that start from an investigation, there are two other ways that the law allows for a case to start in Cherokee County Juvenile Court. Those two ways are:

  • When a minor who lives in Cherokee County is accused of committing a crime in another county and that county decides to transfer the case to Cherokee County for prosecution; or
  • When a child who lives in Cherokee County has pled guilty to or been found guilty of committing a delinquent act or a crime in another county, then the case can be sent to the Cherokee County Juvenile Court to determine the punishment.

In either of these scenarios, the Juvenile Court that originally handled the case sends the case to the Cherokee County Juvenile Court Clerk’s Office to open a file in Cherokee County, and the Cherokee County District Attorney’s Office then initiates prosecution of the case.

Can A Parent Choose Not To Have A Lawyer For Their Minor Child In Juvenile Court?

The law requires that all juveniles charged with a delinquent act (crime) have an attorney to represent them. If a parent and youth arrive at arraignment in Cherokee County Juvenile Court, then there will usually be what is called an attorney of the day at court to act as a public defender for the courtroom. The attorney of the day will not have previously reviewed the file or met with you or your child; he or she will speak to you the day of court to discuss that matter. You can also apply for a court-appointed attorney to represent a minor in their case in juvenile court.

Are You In Need Of A Juvenile Criminal Defense Attorney?

Our firm can help. Unlike many criminal defense firms that only have minimal experience in juvenile court, our team regularly represents teenagers who have been accused of crimes in Cherokee County Juvenile Court. Through our experience, we are well situated to handle the unique issues and needs that come from representing minors. We recommend proactive approaches that help both the child and parent be as prepared as possible for court, which can help to obtain the best outcomes for the young people we represent. Our mission is to help teens and young adults regain control of their lives, while we work to protect their futures.

The state has been working to prepare its case against your child since it encountered your child. Contact our firm today at (770) 824-9182 to take the first steps to prepare your child’s defense by having our Cherokee County Juvenile Defense Attorneys begin work on your case.

For a basic overview of the juvenile court process, read this article.

Who Is Involved In A Juvenile Delinquency Case In Cherokee County?

This information is provided to help parents know who is involved in the prosecution of a juvenile delinquency matter, but we DO NOT recommend contacting the judge’s office or the district attorney’s office regarding you or your child’s pending case.

Cherokee County has two juvenile court judges. Those judges are Judge John B. Sumner and Judge Jennifer L. Davis. More information about the Juvenile Court Judges, Program Managers, and others can be found here.

Juvenile delinquency (criminal) and traffic cases are prosecuted by the Cherokee County District Attorney’s Office. The Cherokee County District Attorney is Shannon Wallace. The District Attorney’s Office is located at 90 North Street, Canton, Georgia 30114. Their telephone number is (770) 479-1488. Information about the Cherokee County District Attorney’s Office can be found here.

The Department of Juvenile Justice makes recommendations about the outcomes of cases in juvenile court and supervises individuals who are placed on juvenile probation in Cherokee County. Their office location and information can be found here.

The Cherokee County Clerk of Court maintains records of everything that takes place in Cherokee County’s Juvenile Court. Their office location and information can be found here.

Any local law enforcement that was involved in the investigation and charging of the youth can also be involved in these cases.

Where Is Cherokee County Juvenile Court Located?

Cherokee County Juvenile Court is located in the Frank C. Mills, III Justice Center at 90 North Street, Canton, Georgia 30114.

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