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Favorite Feel Good Moment – Changing History

Favorite Feel Good Moment – Changing History

This month’s favorite feel good moment doesn’t come from a client who is a teen or a young adult, but a client who is a successful business owner, community volunteer, husband, and father, who made some poor choices in his youth. Those poor choices resulted in his being convicted of felonies in multiple courts. However, he did not let these felony charges hinder him in life and instead chose to be the master of his own destiny.

Having taken so many positive steps in his life, he decided that he wanted to explore options to prevent the mistakes from his past from following him around. There is a mechanism in the law that allows for someone to go back and try to have a single felony conviction removed in some limited circumstances, but not two. We had to get creative in how we approached the matter. In this situation our creativity paid off. We were able to go back to two different courts, with cases from the 70s and 80s, to have the cases redone in a way that makes it so that our client is no longer a convicted felon AND these cases no longer appear on his publicly available official Georgia Criminal History. Continuing to be a part of another client’s success story is our favorite feel good moment for this month.

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