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Quick Tips: Traffic Court

Let me start by saying that the best way to stay out of traffic court, as well as stay safe, is to make smart and safe driving decisions. However, if you end up in traffic court, here is some basic information that you may find useful.

First, understand the severity of what you are facing. If you are charged with things like: DUI, Hit and Run, Driving on a Suspended License, a Super Speeder Violation, if you have a commercial driver’s license, or if you are under 21 and are charged with an offense that will give you 4 or more points, you should consult with an attorney instead of trying to handle the matter on your own.

Next, understand what some good outcomes in traffic court are. If you are charged with a speeding ticket, you can ask the prosecutor to reduce the ticket to lower speed for fewer points. For a non-speeding offense you can ask the prosecutor to reduce the charge to a non-reporting offense, such as a Basic Rules of the Road Violation, under Georgia Law § 40-6-180. If the speed is reduced to 14 miles per hour over the speed limit or less, or if you are convicted of a Basic Rules of the Road violation, the conviction is not to be sent in to the Department of Driver’s Services by the court, and should not appear on your driving history.

For these reductions, the prosecutor may ask you to do things like complete community service or attend a defensive driving course. Coming to court with these things already completed can help you negotiate with the prosecutor to achieve the result you want on your first court appearance.

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