This should go without saying, but unfortunately, it needs to be said: do not post photos of yourself committing a crime. If you are underage, do not post a photo to your snapchat story of the case of beer you’re about to drink with friends. Do not post photos of yourself exhaling a cloud of smoke with a joint in your hand. Don’t post a group shot of your friends with a bong on the table in the background. Don’t post videos of you and your friends egging a house.

Even if your social media is private, the pages of your friends that tag you in photos or stories might not be. Or your friend’s parents might check their social media from time to time and see a post and then contact your school or police. If your social media is public, we’d recommend making it private. Police officers, teachers, principals, probation officers, prosecutors, and judges all use social media, too.
It is important for parents to talk to their kids about the potential legal consequences that could arise from this offense to avoid legal pitfalls for your child or loved one. If you or someone you know need help navigating through a criminal law issue, please contact our firm at 770-720-6336. Our team is always ready to help!