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Parents Prepare Your Student

Parents Prepare Your Student

It is important for parents to educate their children on how to handle certain situations before they ever arise. Often, students aren’t given the opportunity to contact their parents when the school is conducting an investigation, but if you’ve prepared your child, they will be able to react appropriately even when you’re not able to be by their side.

Your child should always treat school law enforcement officers and administration with respect, especially when involved in an investigation. They should not interfere in any way and should speak calmly and clearly. Your child should ask that their parents be notified and for them to be present during any questioning and before any type of statement is made. If being questioned about illegal activity, your child should not make any form of statement, whether verbal or written, without an attorney present and should not consent to any type of search.

It is best to have a prepared response that you’ve practiced with your child for this type of situation. Once they’re in the moment, everything moves quickly and it’s difficult to remain calm under pressure, but having a prepared response will enable your child to respond properly and without hesitation. No one wants their child to be in this type of situation, but being prepared for it can make every difference.

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