How to bail someone out of jail

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The three basic steps for how to bail someone out of jail are:

  1. Figure out the bail amount.
  2. Choose the type of bail or bond your are going to use (cash, property, or professional bonding company).
  3. Post the bond with the jail to have the person released from jail.

Figuring Out The Bail Amount

Some jails will list the bail amounts on their website, while other jails will require a person to call to get that information. The simplest way to figure out the bail amount for a person in jail is often to call the jail and ask.
For example, the Cherokee County County Jail does not provide this information online, so you would need to call the jail at 770-493-4200 to ask how much the bond for your loved one is, while the Cobb County Jail does provide a portal where you can search for someone who is in jail and their bond amount.
While most bails or bonds are not required to be a specific type, it is best to ask if there are any restrictions on the type of bond (cash, property, or professional bonding company) you can use.
Some charges may not have a bond immediately. If this is the case when you contact the jail, its a good sign that you should get an attorney involved immediately.

Choose the Type of Bail or Bond to Use with Jail

Now that you know the amount of bail, you have to choose the type of bail to post. The three common ways to post a bail in Georgia are by using:

  • Professional Bonding Company
  • Posting a Cash Bond
  • Posting a Property Bond

Each jail has their own policies for how they accept each of these bail bonds types. If you’d like a more detailed explanation on these bond types as well as the pros and cons of them, click here for an article on that topic.

Post the bond with the jail to have the person released from jail.

Review the information for what is required from that jail for the type of bond you want to post. Even if you have put together everything on the website’s list, it’s still best to call that jail and confirm that there is nothing else you need to bring to bond your friend or loved one out of jail.
Once you have gone to the jail and posted the bond to get them out of jail, it can take the jail hours to actually release the person. Ask the jail what the expected wait time is and if they will allow the person your are bonding out of jail to call you once they are released.
A person released from jail should follow all of their conditions of bond. They will receive their bond conditions upon release.
To know what to expect next in the criminal process, please read this article.

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