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Common Options for Cleaning Up Your Georgia Criminal History


This video is about the common options that are available to clean up your Georgia criminal history.

There are two common places that individuals look for criminal history information. The first one is through the Georgia Bureau of Investigation where they maintain an official criminal history database. The second place that they commonly look for that information is at the local courthouses where court records are kept regarding cases that took place.

The three common ways that are out there to try to address this is our first a criminal history restriction process that used to be called an expungement. And what that dealt with is to actually try to seal the records and make them not publicly available that are maintained by the Georgia Bureau of Investigation. The second option that is out there is a restriction which is basically a request to seal the records at the courthouse level so that somebody can’t go to the courthouse and just find out that information as public record. The third option that’s commonly available is what’s called a Youthful Offender Restriction which applies to certain types of cases when somebody was convicted of an offense when they were under 21. Those are the three common options that you have to try to address that.

There are some other options that are less common that can be available if you’re trying to address a criminal history issue. If you would like to meet with somebody from our office to discuss whether or not we can help you with a criminal history issue, call our office at 770-720-6336 or visit our website at, where we’re going to be putting out some other videos that will discuss the criteria and the qualifications that are required to meet to have any of those types of restrictions that I just mentioned for you. So share and like this video so that you can stay up to date on other videos coming out and so that other people who may need this information can find it.

I’m Paul Ghanouni from the Ghanouni Teen & Young Adult Defense Firm. Thank you.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a status offense?
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Status offenses are applicable only to children who are subject to juvenile court jurisdiction for non-criminal behavior; and are offenses that would not be illegal if the person wasn’t a juvenile. Characteristically, status offenses include running away from home, curfew violation, truancy, unruly behavior, habitually disobedient of the child’s parent, guardian, or other custodian’s reasonable and lawful commands and is ungovernable.

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