People in their teens and twenties can make the mistake of thinking that shoplifting is easy to get away with and that getting caught isn’t a big deal. With cameras and security placed around most stores, especially during the holidays, getting caught shoplifting is highly likely. And even misdemeanor shoplifting charges can lead to jail time, probation, fines, and civil liabilities in the form of paying for the property that was stolen, often with additional penalties. An experienced defense attorney can examine the case and determine the best course of action to lessen the long-term effects of shoplifting charges. At Ghanouni Teen & Young Adult Defense Firm, we’re dedicated to helping clients move on so that a mistake like shoplifting doesn’t turn into a lifelong blemish that hurts your college plans, your life goals, or your future. 


The most common form of shoplifting is simply taking an item from a store without paying for it. Prosecutors can bring charges for multiple forms of theft, such as: 

  • Accidentally leaving the store without paying for merchandise
  • Removing tags in the store
  • Changing tags to a lower price in the store
  • Misrepresenting items during self-checkout
  • Hiding or concealing merchandise (even without leaving the store’s premises)
  • Removing theft-detection devices


Shoplifting usually results in a misdemeanor when the shoplifted property is worth $500 or less. The authorities can bring felony charges when the property is worth over $500, and those charged can be sentenced to anything from one to ten years of incarceration.A prosecutor can file felony charges for smaller shoplifting thefts that add up to $500 over a six-month period.

For repeat convictions, the law requires minimum fines and incarceration terms that cannot be suspended. 

With vast experience defending teens and young adults in shoplifting cases, our firm works diligently to have shoplifting charges dismissed or sealed.

“They were very helpful and informative with our situation. They were able to achieve the results that we were praying for. With their help, our family was able to achieve the goals of graduation for our child with nothing hanging over their head for years. We would recommend this firm to any parent of a teen or young adult. Their superior staff that went above and beyond to make our situation so much easier.”

– Parent of client in shoplifting case

A shoplifting conviction can have long-lasting consequences in a young person’s life. A misdemeanor conviction can limit your job opportunities, limit housing or rental options, and even lead to loss of scholarships. Many employers might consider someone with a shoplifting conviction untrustworthy. An experienced defense attorney can often work to get charges reduced to ensure a future full of opportunities instead of roadblocks.


Whether you’re accused of changing the price tag on an item, concealing an item, or any other shoplifting charge, we start with this four-step process for representing clients in shoplifting cases: 

  1. Conduct an Initial Shoplifting Defense Strategy Meeting
  2. Conduct a fact-gathering and mitigation planning session
  3. Investigate your case and the defenses
  4. Provide you with an analysis of your options and finalize the case strategy

Once we have this strategy in place and you have a full understanding of it, we’ll take the steps necessary to implement the shoplifting case strategy you approve.

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Our defense strategy focuses on protecting our client’s short-term and long-term goals from the damaging impacts a shoplifting conviction can bring. Possible consequences for shoplifting include:

  • Loss of employment and future potential employment
  • Loss of scholarships
  • Permanent criminal record
  • Lengthy and costly probation
  • Prevention or loss of professional licensing
  • Limit on your ability to move forward with your life, if you are sentenced to jail time

With the expertise from our team, which includes multiple shoplifting and theft defense attorneys, we can focus on developing and executing a plan that minimizes these potential impacts on your life.

We’re here to walk you through every step so you fully understand the facts around the case, the potential life-altering impacts that can come with it, and your best path forward. We want you to be empowered to choose the best option to help you minimize the impact this situation has on your life.

“They believed in me when I couldn’t believe in myself, and they held me accountable. Paul is such an amazing lawyer!! I really can’t recommend him and the firm enough, and I’m not just saying that. You won’t usually find a lawyer’s office who genuinely cares for you the way they do…they care about each and every client so much and will do everything in their power to help you succeed, not only in your court case, but your LIFE!”


– Client in shoplifting case

At Ghanouni Teen & Young Adult Defense Firm, we specialize in protecting your future by exploring options to have shoplifting charges dismissed or sealed. Please call our office today at 770-720-6336 to arrange an initial consultation. If you aren’t ready to schedule your consultation, then click here to download our complimentary ebook 5 Things Not to Do When You’ve Been Charged with a Crime to learn what you need to know to start protecting your future immediately.

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