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Dir of First Impressions Domonique Mason

Domonique currently serves as the Director of First Impressions at our Firm. She is the bright and smiley person you see when you walk in to our office and the one you hear on the other end of the phone when you call. She is highly motivated to make sure that every experience with our office, whether in person or over the phone, is pleasant and rewarding. In addition to these contributions, Domonique is also responsible for helping to expand our community reach by scheduling presentations and network meetings with individuals and organizations we believe can benefit the people that reach out to us for help.

She describes herself as a motivated young professional with a passion for helping people to be, do, and have the best in their life! Her motivation comes from the many personal challenges she experienced throughout her own life. Throughout her school years she recalls being a constant target for bullying. In turn she accounts many of the poor decisions she made growing up as attempts to receive validation and acceptance from her peers. This is one of the reasons she connects so well with people who battle rejection, low self-esteem, and feelings of inadequacy. Her ability to learn a greater lesson from one of the most trying times in her life is what makes her a great point of connection for our clients. Domonique learned that maintaining strong morals and values are key aspects which mold character and build integrity. Our clients have told us that when Domonique tells them something is going to happen at or by a particular time, it happens.

While you may experience her pleasant voice when you call our office, you may not know that Domonique is also a talented singer and motivational speaker. In 2014, she was awarded with a Certificate of Appreciation by Mayor Brian Moore for her profound contribution as a keynote speaker and vocalist during their Annual Law Enforcement Memorial Service in Virginia.

She brings with her over ten years of experience providing clerical, administrative, and customer support to fortune 500 company clients, such as Capital One Financial and AAA. One of the reasons she is a perfect fit for this position, which involves being one of our primary communicators with clients, is her own personal experience dealing with a law firm that did not provide her with the level of communication she deserved. This has been so true that one of our clients even dubbed her “The Master Communicator.”

Domonique loves to help others, which is why she is dedicated to fulfilling her role in upholding the mission at our firm–to help preserve the futures of young people.