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Criminal Defense Lawyer Sara Gheesling

Sara wanted to be an attorney since the age of 8 after spending a summer watching Matlock when it came on right before Charles in Charge in syndication. She’d later find out that not all attorneys love hotdogs and not all trials are won in dramatic fashion by tricking someone into confessing on the witness stand. She graduated from the University of Georgia Terry College of Business summa cum laude in 2006 and not wanting to leave Athens, stayed a few more years to earn her law degree in 2010.

Sara has two driving motivators for her pursuit of a career as a criminal defense attorney. First, Sara had her own run-in with the law when she was just 13 years old. Those records have since been sealed, and you’d never be able to find them, but it is one of the reasons she is passionate about this work. She could say a lot about how it was completely out of character and how it never happened again, but the reality is that she was just a kid and kids do stupid things sometimes just to see if they can get away with it. And they also learn and grow and mature into intelligent, caring (and law-abiding) adults.

It’s her prior experience with the juvenile court system that sets Sara apart from many other lawyers. Sara appreciates that not knowing what to expect, how your case is going to proceed, or how it is going to affect everything you’ve been working toward can make the entire process overwhelming, whether it’s a felony offense or a traffic ticket. Each and every client has their own personal goals in resolving their case, and Sara strives to give each client a better understanding and realistic expectations in how to reach those goals.

“While a prosecutor might think of you as just a name on a file, my goal is to make them see you as a person – a person who may have made a mistake, but who has goals, a family, a career, and a bright future ahead of you.” – Sara Gheesling

Sara’s other driving motivator is that her brother had some significant run-ins with the law. Her brother’s attorney did not do everything he could to protect her brother and actually made some significant mistakes that created much more long-lasting consequences for her brother. She never wants another person to have the experiences her brother had.

Sara has dedicated herself to making sure that people have the opportunity to not to be defined by a poor decision and to make sure that no one she represents suffers from the mistakes of a poor criminal defense attorney.

Sara has handled hundreds of cases across the state of Georgia, which includes appearing in courtrooms as far north as Blue Ridge and as far south as Brunswick. When she’s not in the courtroom, Sara enjoys trying, and failing, to teach her dog Charlie how to catch a frisbee. He learned how to roll over in less than 30 minutes, and is an expert with tennis balls, but cannot figure out frisbees, so this takes up much of their weekends. She’s also working her way through the Dark Tower series by Stephen King so please, no spoilers. Sara also enjoys theories on time travel and board games.