Criminal Defense Lawyer Lucile Miller

Luci Ruiz Headshot

Born and raised in Decatur, Ga., Lucille attended St. Pius X Catholic High School before pursuing a B.S. in psychology at Georgia Southern University. While she initially planned to become a forensic psychologist, Lucille instead joined AmeriCorps, working with veterans and their families.

Soon, Lucile decided to pursue a legal career. She chose Mercer University’s Walter F. George School of Law, which is known for its public service law program, hoping to represent low-income and underserved populations. Lucile has done just that, focusing on public defense from 2014 to 2021.

While she’s worked in the Superior Court and the State Court, several of Lucile’s career highlights have taken place in Juvenile Court, including:
A motion to avoid sentencing a juvenile under the designated felony act after the case was transferred from the Superior Court
Successfully beating a criminal street gang charge at a bench trial
Successfully beating a marijuana charge based on the differentiation between hemp and marijuana
An argument to impose an informal adjustment disposition as an alternative to probation

Lucile is a class of 2018 member of Gideon’s Promise, a nonprofit public defender organization aiming to provide equal justice for marginalized communities. She was also appointed as attorney for the juvenile delinquency mental health court.

In her work, Lucile finds inspiration in Martin Luther King Jr.’s Letter from a Birmingham Jail, in which he wrote, “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.” Lucile models her defense style on that sentiment. “I have a first-hand look into the court system, and I know how easily it can swallow someone up for one bad decision,” she said. “I want to avoid that, so I tailor my interactions with my clients based on what I’ve observed. I never want someone to leave my representation feeling like they were not heard as a person.”

Lucile lives with her husband, Jamie, in Decatur, where her parents still reside as well. In her free time, she loves to spend time with her dog, Murphy, and her cat, Nonna Ginsberg, named after the late Supreme Court Justice, Ruth Bader Ginsberg. Lucile cooks, plays chess, attends concerts, and, when she’s looking to relax, makes jewelry or unwinds with reality TV.