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Georgia’s Driver’s License Point Schedule

Below is a listing of Georgia’s complete point schedule for the points that are assessed against a person’s Georgia driver’s license, if they are convicted of a traffic offense.

If you are concerned about whether a traffic offense will suspend your driver’s license, then click here to learn more about what offenses can suspend a Georgia driver’s license, based upon their age.

Code Section Offense Penalty
40-6-2 Failure to Obey Person Directing Traffic 3 points
40-6-6 Emergency Vehicle Violation 3 points
40-6-11 No Proof of Insurance-Motorcycle 3 points
40-6-14 Limits on Sound Volume 3 points
40-6-16(b) “Move Over” Violation 3 points
40-6-16(c) Improper Passing of a Stationary Utility Service Vehicle 3 points
40-6-16.1 Improper Passing of an Active Sanitation Vehicle 3 points
40-6-17 Use of Traffic-Control Device Preemption Emitter (while operating a motor vehicle) 3 points
40-6-20 Disregard of Traffic Control Device or Signal 3 points
40-6-21 Failure to Obey Traffic Signal or Light 3 points
40-6-23 Failure to Obey Flashing Signal 3 points
40-6-24 Lane Direction Violation 3 points
40-6-26(a) Tampering with Traffic Signs or Signals (while operating vehicle) 3 points
40-6-26(b) Operating Vehicle on Closed Roadway 3 points
40-6-27 Tampering with Pavement Markers (while operating vehicle)
40-6-40 Improper Lane Usage 3 points
40-6-41 Failure to Yield to Oncoming Traffic 3 points
40-6-42 Improper Passing 3 points
40-6-43 Improper Passing on the Right 3 points
40-6-44 Improper Passing 3 points
40-6-45 Improper Passing on Hill or Curve 4 points
40-6-46 Passing in a No Passing Zone 3 points
40-6-47(b) Wrong Way on One-Way Road 3 points
40-6-47(c) Rotary Traffic Island Violation 3 points
40-6-48 Improper/Erratic Lane Change/Failure to Maintain Lane 3 points
40-6-49 Following Too Closely 3 points
40-6-50 Driving Within Gore or Improper Entry to Controlled Access Highway 3 points
40-6-51 Improper Use of Controlled-Access Road 3 points
40-6-51(a)(1) Improper Use of Controlled-Access Road 3 points
40-6-51(a)(2) Improper Use of Controlled-Access Road 3 points
40-6-52 Truck Lane Usage Violation 3 points
40-6-53 Bus or Motorcoach Lane Violation 3 points
40-6-54 HOV Lane Violation 1 point for 4th +
40-6-55 Failure to Yield to Bicycle 3 points
40-6-56 Failure to Maintain Safe Distance from Bicycle 3 points
40-6-70 Failure to Yield at Intersection 3 points
40-6-71 Failure to Yield when Turning Left 3 points
40-6-72 Stop/Yield Sign Violation 3 points
40-6-73 Failure to Yield when Crossing or Entering Road 3 points
40-6-74 Failure to Yield to Emergency Vehicle 3 points
40-6-75 Failure to Yield to Construction Vehicle 3 points
40-6-76 Failure to Yield to Funeral Procession 3 points
40-6-91 Failure to Yield to Pedestrian 3 points
40-6-93 Failure to Exercise Due Care Near Pedestrian 3 points
40-6-94 Failure to Yield to Blind Pedestrian 3 points
40-6-98 Driving Through Safety Zone 3 points
40-6-120 Improper Turning 3 points
40-6-121 Improper U-Turn 3 points
40-6-122 Improper Starting 3 points
40-6-123 Failure to Signal Turn 3 points
40-6-124 Improper Use of Signal 3 points
40-6-125 Improper Use of Hand Signal 3 points
40-6-126 Improper Use of Turn Lane 3 points
40-6-140 Railroad Grade Crossing Violation 3 points
40-6-141 Disregard of Stop Sign at Railroad Grade Crossing 3 points
40-6-142 Failure to Stop at Railroad Grade Crossing 3 points
40-6-143 Improper Movement of Heavy Equipment at Railroad Grade Crossing 3 points
40-6-144 Improper Emerging from Alley, Driveway or Building 3 points
40-6-160 School Bus Speeding Violation 15-18 mph-2 points

19-23 mph-3 points

24-33 mph-4 points

34+ mph-6 points

40-6-161 School Bus Headlight or Communication Device Violation 3 points
40-6-162 School Bus Signal Violation 3 points
40-6-163 Unlawful Passing of School Bus 6 points
40-6-164 School Bus Disembarking Violation 3 points
40-6-165 School Bus Operation Violation 3 points
40-6-181 Speeding 15-18mph- 2 points

19-23mph- 3 points

24-33mph- 4 points

34+mph- 6 points

40-6-184 Impeding the Flow of Traffic 3 points
40-6-184(a) Speed Less than Minimum 3 points
40-6-184(c) Impeding the Flow of Traffic 3 points
40-6-185 Speeding on Bridge or Structure 15-18 mph-2 points

19-23 mph-3 points

24-33 mph-4 points

34+ mph-6 points

40-6-188 Speeding in Work Zone 15-18 mph-2 points

19-23 mph-3 points

24-33 mph-4 points

34+ mph-6 points

40-6-205 Obstructing an Intersection 3 points
40-6-240 Improper Backing 3 points
40-6-241 Failure to Exercise Due Care/Unlawful Use of Wireless Device 1 point – 1st offense
2 points – 2nd offense
3 points – 3rd or subsequent offense
40-6-242 Driving with Obstructed View 3 points
40-6-244 Allowing Passenger in House Trailer 3 points
40-6-245 Improper Mountain/Canyon Driving 3 points
40-6-246 Coasting 3 points
40-6-247 Improper Following of Emergency Vehicle 3 points
40-6-248 Crossing Fire Hose 3 points
40-6-248.1 Unsecured Load Resulting in Accident 2 points
40-6-250 Wearing Device Impairing Vision or Hearing 3 points
40-6-251 Laying Drags 3 points
40-6-252 Cruising 3 points
40-6-253 Open Container 2 points
40-6-253.1 Improper Transportation of Infectious Substance 3 points
40-6-254 Unsecured Load Resulting in Accident 2 points
40-6-271 Violation of Duty Upon Striking Unattended Vehicle 3 points
40-6-272 Violation of Duty Upon Striking Fixed Object 3 points
40-6-273 Failure to Report Accident 3 points
40-6-275 Failure to Remove Vehicle from Roadway 3 points
40-6-311 Improper Operation of Motorcycle 3 points
40-6-312 Motorcycle Lane Violation 3 points
40-6-312(e) Operation of Motorcycle Without Head/Taillight 3 points
40-6-313 Clinging to Vehicle While on Motorcycle 3 points
40-6-314 Motorcycle Equipment Violation 3 points
40-6-315 Motorcycle Protective Gear Violation 3 points
40-6-326 Operating Personal Assistive Mobility Device While Intoxicated 3 points
40-6-352 Moped Headgear Violation 3 points
40-6-361 Low Speed Vehicle Lane Violation 3 points
40-6-362 Low Speed Vehicle Roadway Violation 3 points
40-6-390 Reckless Driving 4 points
40-6-393.1(c) Feticide by Vehicle-2nd Degree 3 points
40-6-397 Aggressive Driving 6 points


Child or Youth Restraint not properly used (under the age of 8) 1 point – 1st offense

2 points –  2nd or

subsequent offense

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