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Drug Crimes Attorney Serving Georgia

Drug crime attorney Woodstock Georgia

U. S. Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) statistics show that drugs and drug-related offenses make up a third of all arrests nationwide.

Georgia’s State law and Federal law prohibits the possession, distribution, manufacture and trafficking of controlled substances. High on the list of illegal drugs are marijuana, heroin, cocaine, methamphetamine, and pharmaceuticals obtained without a doctor’s prescription.

Drug crimes frequently fall under the jurisdiction of both federal and state courts, depending on what laws were violated. In certain circumstances, the accused may be tried in both courts. The amount of controlled substances and other circumstances involved will determine whether the drug offense is classified as a felony or misdemeanor, and the severity of the penalties, fines and imprisonment. In Georgia, further punishment for a drug conviction may include a driver’s license suspension.

The moment the police begin questioning you or you are accused of a drug crime, it is vital to retain an attorney who is experienced and has demonstrated expertise in defending drug charges. Located in Woodstock, Georgia, Cherokee County, our team is available to represent clients charged with drug crimes including, but not limited to:

  • Controlled Substance Possession
  • Possession of Drug Related Objects
  • Sale of Controlled Substances
  • Drug Trafficking
  • Drug Distribution
  • Drug Manufacturing

Ensuring that criminal law and constitutional rights were not violated, including proper search and seizure, is fundamental to the defense of a drug case. A knowledgeable criminal defense attorney often uses effective strategies such as a motion to suppress evidence in the case based on illegal searches and seizure, and violations of constitutional rights.

If you are accused of drug offenses, or the police begin to question you, you have the right to remain silent until you consult with an attorney. When you need expert legal defense, call the Ghanouni Teen & Young Adult Defense Firm, at 770-720-6336.

Frequently Asked Questions

Isn’t a warrant required for the police to search me?
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In general terms, a warrant is required for police to initiate a search. If a police officer comes to your home, a warrant will be required to take you into custody. However, if the officer has reason to think you might run, destroy evidence or harm someone else, he can arrest you at home without a warrant.

If an arrest takes place somewhere other than your home, the following circumstance dictate that a warrant is not necessary for search:

  • Consent While you are not required to consent to any police searches, a warrant is not required if you consent to a search of your body, your vehicle, or your home. You always have the right to say no to search and make the police get a warrant or use their discretion to search, which can be challenged in court
  • Searches incident to arrest – When making an arrest, a law enforcement officer is permitted to search your body and/or clothing for weapons or other contraband.
  • Vehicle searches – If you are in a vehicle and are stopped for questioning, the police still need probable cause to conduct a complete vehicle search that includes locked trunks, glove or other compartments.
  • Exigent circumstances – Searches may be conducted if there are “exigent circumstances,” for example, if the officer believes evidence may be destroyed unless he takes immediate action.
  • Plain view – When police see an object that is in plain view, a search warrant is not needed.
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