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Criminal law is complicated and broad, whether it involves drug crimes, traffic violations, domestic violence, or something else. And researching a specific crime can be overwhelming. That’s why we’ve put together this collection of resources, including legal terms, typical charges, and ways we’ve helped clients successfully preserve their freedom.

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Attorney for Georgia first-time offenders

Attorney for Georgia first-time offenders

For most young people and their families, a first-time arrest is disorienting. Many folks never expect to have to deal with criminal charges, so when the seriousness of the situation sets in, it can feel frightening. Parents fear that one mistake will completely...

Possession of Schedule I Drugs

Possession of Schedule I Drugs

For teenagers and young adults, a felony drug conviction can throw life off course—sometimes irreparably. Possessing even small quantities of drugs can lead to years in prison, probation and a permanent criminal record. That’s why it’s so important for young people...

PreTrial Diversion Programs

PreTrial Diversion Programs

For many young people, new freedoms, pressure from friends and the desire to take risks will lead to a mistake or two. It’s part of growing up and becoming more mature. But some mistakes come with steeper consequences than others: consequences that can limit an...



Can I drive after a DUI

Can I still drive after being arrested for DUI?

Teens and Terroristic Threats

Teens & Terroristic Threats

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