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Free eBook – 5 Things Not to Do After You’ve Been Charged with a Crime!

Picture of BookWhether you or a loved one have been charged with a criminal or juvenile offense, we highly recommend downloading our free eBook: 5 Things Not to Do After You’ve Been Charged with a Crime!  

The book provides information on how to avoid the 5 most common mistakes that we see people make when they’ve been charged with a crime. It also includes a resources page to help you keep track of important case related information.

While you can buy a physical copy on Amazon for $9.95, we don’t want you to make any of the common mistakes that people make so it is available to you for free in this digital format.

Five Things NOT To Do After You've Been Charged with a Crime!

Get our free eBook to avoid disastrous mistakes. Take the first step toward protecting your future.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the difference between a police stop and being arrested?
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Police may stop and question you, although you have the right to refuse to answer. While a stop detains you for a short time, you are not moved to a different location as with an arrest. In order for police to make an arrest, they must have “probable cause,” which means there must be a reasonable belief a crime was committed and that you were involved in the crime. If the police arrest you, they take you in to custody and you may not leave.

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How we help You

We help to minimize the impact that the accusations against you have on your life by creating a customized plan that best serves you.

We do not offer one size fits criminal defense.

We help protect the futures of Georgia teens and young adults accused of crimes.