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DUI is the common acronym for “driving while under the influence” of alcohol or drugs. The state of Georgia has strict laws and stiff penalties for DUI convictions.

If you are charged with a DUI in Georgia, it is vital that you get immediate legal help. You will have only 10 days to comply with the state’s 10-Day Rule.

Georgia’s 10 Day Rule

What is the 10-Day Rule?

If a police officer stops you, suspects you are under the influence, asks and you refuse to take a blood, breathe or urine test, or you take one of the tests and your result is over the legal limit (0.08), an administrative license suspension under Georgia’s Administrative License Suspension Law (ALS) may be applicable. You will have only 10 business days to request a special hearing. If you do not take action and request a hearing within the time specified by the ALS, your driver’s license will be suspended for one year.

When does the 10-Day Rule apply?

  • You refused to take a blood, breathe or urine test
  • You took one of the three tests and your blood alcohol content was over the legal limit of 0.08
  • After you tried to take the tests the police officer stated “you refused”
  • You were under 21 on the day of the arrest and your test result was .02 or higher
  • You had a CDL in your truck when arrested and your blood alcohol level was .04 or higher
  • You do not know what your blood alcohol level was

At the Ghanouni Teen & Young Adult Defense Firm, located in Woodstock, we defend Georgia residents as well as residents from other states charged with a DUI offense, while vacationing or driving through Cherokee, Pickens, Bartow, Forsyth and Cobb counties, their municipalities and the surrounding Atlanta metro area.

If you’ve been charged with drunk driving, it’s critical to retain competent legal counsel as soon as possible to prepare a defense strategy and challenge the suspension of your license. Depending on your driving record and DUI history, you could lose your driver’s license and face a jail sentence.

DUI Challenges

Don’t ever assume there is no challenge to a DUI charge. Each situation will have unique circumstances, however, a lawyer with in-depth understanding of Georgia DUI law can determine if your arrest and the charges sought will hold up in a court of law. There may be any number of factors that determine the final outcome of your case.

Although law enforcement would have you believe otherwise, Breathalyzers are not infallible. Like any equipment, a Breathalyzer or other testing device must be properly maintained as well as correctly calibrated to deliver an accurate reading.

Furthermore, arresting officers are also required to administer a field sobriety test according to certain prescribed procedures. If proper protocol is not followed, a DUI charge may be dismissed.

If you can prove that a law enforcement officer did not have reasonable cause to stop you on the highway, the charges against you may very likely be thrown out of court based on a violation of your Constitutional rights.

Why Legal Help is Important

For most people a DUI arrest is their first contact with the legal system, and they typically do not understand the consequences of the charges filed against them or the importance of retaining an attorney to protect their rights.

If you are convicted of a DUI offense, you will have to deal with a long list of serious consequences. You will have court costs and fines, which increase depending on whether your charge is a first, second or third offense. There will be additional fees to reinstate your license, following an administrative hearing, which is separate from criminal court proceedings. Whether you lose your license or are sent to jail, your freedom and your ability to earn a living will are affected. The long list of DUI repercussions include:

  • Fines & Court Costs
  • Loss of Driver’s License
  • Mandatory Jail Sentence
  • Vehicle Immobilization or Impoundment
  • Alcohol Abuse Assessment & Treatment
  • Criminal Record
  • Increased Insurance Rates
  • Cancellation of Insurance
  • Job loss
  • Required Community Service
  • Mandatory Alcohol Safety School

Well versed in the scientific procedures and techniques that police officers administer to try to prove your guilt, our firm is prepared to question the reliability, accuracy and validity of the tests, as well as the police procedures leading to your arrest. When you seek our firm’s help, we will aggressively protect your legal rights, handle all necessary paperwork and work with the prosecutor and the court to explore alternatives to a severe sentence and loss of driving privileges and achieve the best outcome possible.

When you need legal help to protect your rights and provide a thorough defense, call our law firm at 770-720-6336 to learn how an expert attorney’s early intervention on your behalf can play a significant role in minimizing the charges and improve the final outcome of your case.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the consequences of adjudication for a delinquent act?
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If the child is adjudicated delinquent, the ways Georgia law authorizes the Court to dispose of the case include placing the juvenile on probation, incarceration for up to 60 days, or committing the child to the custody of the Department of Juvenile Justice.

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